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Bernard-Massard is the main producer of sparkling wines in accordance with the “méthode traditionnelle” of Luxembourg

A family business for five generations, our vocation is to create wines of impeccable quality, while respecting traditions and constantly opening up to social, environmental and qualitative progress. Our teams work every day in the vineyards and cellars with a single aim: to offer to our clients a moment of pleasure.

In existence for almost 100 years,
we have remained faithful to the values and entrepreneurial spirit of our founders. It is with passion and in constant qualitative research that our team of 85 people develops and markets each year beautiful vintages and outstanding Luxembourg wines.

the company is the leading family producer of still and sparkling wines in Luxembourg with a total production of nearly 3,500,000 bottles.

Bernard-Massard’s notoriety extends far beyond our small borders. As fervent ambassadors of our country abroad, we export our wines to more than 20 countries, with a presence in Belgium since its foundation, and also in many other markets such as Finland, Canada and Great Britain, to name but a few. The many awards received in international competitions all testify to the quality of Bernard-Massard’s products.






The company was founded by Jean Bernard-Massard


Bernard-Massard became the official supplier to the Royal Court and still is to this day


Mr Carlo Clasen was appointed President and Chief Executive


Creation of the “Cuvée de l’Ecusson” to celebrate the company’s 50th birthday


Arrival of Mr Hubert Clasen who was appointed Director then Chief Executive


Enlargement of the Domaine Clos des Rochers by the Clasen family – 20 hectares of vineyards in 2018 – Luxembourg


Purchase of the Domaine “Thill-Frères” – Schengen – Luxembourg


First delivery of the Cuvée de L’Ecusson to Finland. Since then, today, it ranks in Finland’s TOP 5 most selling sparkling wines


First delivery to Canada, which, after Belgium, has grown to be Bernard-Massard’s second largest export market


Bernard-Massard becomes a ISO 9001 certified company


Mr Antoine Clasen joined the Haelterman group (Bernard-Massard’s importer in Belgium) prior to joining the family company in Luxembourg


Cuvée de l’Ecusson is elected “best value sparkling wine” by the prestigious wine magazine Decanter


Investments in the modernisation of its production and storage facilities, making Bernard-Massard one of Europe’s most modern wineries.

EUR 20,000k
EUR 30,000k
Average production
Bottles of sparkling wine
Bottles of still wines

With its two cellars in Luxembourg and Germany, Bernard-Massard has enjoyed an international vocation from the very beginning.


  • 3,100,000 bottles in our cellar
  • 38 hectares of vineyards
  • 9 main grape varieties
  • 3,900,000 bottles produced each year
  • >20 exporting countries
  • 6.22 kilometres of pipes

Today, Bernard-Massard exports both its still and sparkling wines to numerous countries, including Belgium, the Netherlands, Finland, Norway, the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, Russia, and India. Through its German subsidiary, the group also owns Château Fontesteau, a Haut Médoc estate in Bordeaux.




  • Nello Galzerano

    On-Trade Account Manager
    EN / FR / IT / ES
  • Eddy Rousseau

    Délégué Commercial - Meilleur Sommelier du Luxembourg
    FR / EN
  • Thomas Clery

    Wine advisor
    FR / EN
  • Daphne den Broeder

    Manager Reception and Events
    FR / EN / DE / NL / ES / EL
  • Antoine Clasen

    General manager
    LU / FR / DE / EN
  • Magali Brasseur

    Customer Service Manager
    LU / FR / DE / EN / PO
  • Jean-Marc Turping

    Administrative and Financial Director
    LU / FR / EN / DE
  • Petra Sereno

    Service touristique
    LU / FR / DE / EN / ES / PT
  • Hubert Clasen

    LU / FR / DE / EN
  • Isabelle Caunes

    Customer Service
    FR / DE / LU
  • Jessica Rodrigues da Silva

    Customer Service
    LU / FR / DE / PO
  • Eric Wissink

    Sales Manager Luxembourg
    FR / DE / EN / NL
  • Christina Maximini

    FR / DE / EN / ES
  • Mike Hentges

    Service touristique
    FR / LU / DE / EN
  • Patrick Labruier

    Off-Trade Account Manager
    LU / FR / DE / EN
  • Olivier Bausler

    Customer Service
    FR / DE / LU / EN
  • Joe Santos Cruz

    Customer Service
    FR / LU / DE / EN / PT
  • Henri Peltre

    On-Trade Account Manager
    LU / FR / DE / EN
  • Carole Moritz

    FR / LU / DE
  • Ronny Oestreicher

    On-Trade Account Manager
    LU / FR / DE
  • Denis Schumacher

    Customer Advisor
    LU / FR / DE
  • Nathalie Philipps

    Purchasing Manager
    LU / FR / DE / EN
  • Françoise Clasen

    Public Relations & Tourism Manager
    LU / FR / DE / EN
  • Stephan Kraemer

    Technical Director Cellar Master – Wines
    LU / FR / DE / EN
  • Florian Michels

    Cellar Master – Wines
    DE / LU / EN
  • Peter Kohl

    Vineyards Manager
    LU / FR / DE / EN
  • José Mendes

    Labelling – cartoning
    LU / FR / DE / EN / PO / SP
  • Alain Humbert

    Maintenance manager
    DE/ FR
  • Karine Zirnheld

    Production Assistant
    LU / FR / DE / EN
  • Jessica Van der Schee

    Project Coordinator BM Wine Academy
  • Anne Tarin

    Marketing Manager
    LU / FR / EN
  • Yasmin Nicholson

    Digital Marketing Manager
    DE / EN / FR

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