Cuvée Millésimée
Cuvée Millésimée

The Bernard-Massard Millésimé is our premium Luxembourg Crémant and is composed of a subtle combination of fine Pinot Blancs and selected Rieslings from different Bernard-Massard vineyards in the Moselle valley.

This Cuvée is only produced during exceptional years where our wine-makers judge that the weather conditions allowed beautifully ripen grapes worthy of a vintage. After an ageing of not less than three years, the Millésimé reveals its unique and distinctive character. Each vintage is distinguished by its own characteristics, but a mature, fullbodied and concentrated wine, sustained by a beautifully fresh finish, is always sought after.

The Millésimé is an exceptional, high-class wine perfect for intimate moments and memorable celebrations.

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Cuvée Millésimée

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